George Henry Rowe

Producer at Aardman Animations specialising in games and interactive.

Generative artist creating strange patterns with audio, plotters, paint and other weird things.

Web designer, occasionally.

My day job is as a producer at Aardman Animations specialising in making games, interactive learning tools, web apps, and things of that ilk. Here are a small sample of my favourites...

Currently developing brand new video game IP at Aardman...Watch this space!

Audience of the Future // An interactive story told across many different media, featuring everyone's favourite bob-a-job big men Wallace and Gromit. A co-production with Fictioneers.

Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition // A remastered version of our old iOS and PC puzzle platformer, now with multiplayer co-op, party games, and released on Switch (and PC again). Beautiful hand drawn graphics and surprisingly difficult puzzles. Go play it. A co-production with Mobile Pie.

11-11: Memories Retold // I had the pleasure of producing Aardman's first ever console game - a WW1 narrative adventure game that looks like a living painting. The game was a co-production with Digixart, published by Bandai Namco, and a massive learning experience for myself and Aardman has a company. We were lucky enough to have Elijah Wood and Sebastien Koch for the main character voices, and a truly incredible sountrack by Olivier Deriviere (performed by the London Philharmonia Orchestra). There is much more I could say about this experience, but you can read a but more about the game in the Guardian review.

Digital Maker Kits // A long running HTML5 project developed with the BBC to get teenages digitally creating with visual tools. We made tools for making games, music videos, comic books, writing scipts and more, with brands like Doctor Who, Eastenders, Children in Need, 1Xtra and more - Broadcast Digital Awards - Best Children's Content - Welsh BAFTA nominee.

Hungry City // A fun little HTML5 tower defence game teaching kids about food scarcity and the need to eat insects - TIGA Best Educational Game nominee.

Charge of the Light Brigade // Prototype interactive video we made for the BBC. Really like how this one turned out for a small budget.

Shaun in the City // App and website for the 2016 charity arts trail, using GPS to find and tick off sculptures, collect achievements, guide walking trails and the like - #1 UK app iOS and Android - Google's top 50 apps of 2015.

Shaun's Game Academy // A national initiative to give kids the power to create their own games using Scratch, learning coding and game design in the process - RTS West Award Digital Creativity.

I very much enjoy making intereting visuals things, mainly using Processing and p5js. Audioreactive screens for concerts, plotter drawings, live depth camera feed things - anything that is visually interesting.

Instagram // Where I post most of my visual sketches.

GibberSoundThing // Messing around with gibber.p5.js - this generates a random tune, and then draws some shapes from that tune and mouse position.

Shaders for Processing // A collection of shaders I have ported from ShaderToy to work with Processing 3, and played around with. VHS effects, glitch, weird ascii stuff. Will be updated as I add more.

Monokai for Processing // A dark Monokai theme to use with Processing; a bit easier on the eyes.

I like to tinker with things on the web sometimes.

Ami Elish Bridal // An elegant wedding site based on the Bones Wordpress theme.

This website // Obviously.